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Jason Oki - author of Lorekeepes-Librarium.com


Welcome to Lorekeeper’s Librarium – we love ancient mythology, the stories of our ancestors, and the tales that have shaped so much of our culture.

My name is Jason Oki, a lover of mythology (especially Greek), and I am the author of Lorekeepes-Librarium.com.

I think mythology holds some wisdom that speaks directly to our human nature, and I want to help share that wisdom with others!


What is Mythology?

Mythology is generally seen as a collection of traditional stories that a particular culture or society believes to be true or sees as a part of their cultural identity.


These myths sometimes include stories of the supernatural and are often used to explain natural phenomena, the origins of the world, human nature, the customs and values of a society, and the adventures of deities, heroes, and mythical creatures.

Why is Mythology Important?

Ancient myths are important for a number of reasons.


They help us understand the cultures that created them; we can find moral lessons and warnings within them, and some of them are simply great stories to hear and tell.


One interesting thing I find in mythology is that they often act as a window into how ancient people tried to explain the world around them, the cosmos, nature, and our reason for being.


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